Agility has the effect of a miracle cure on working relationships. The constituents of the miracle cure are not new: flat hierarchies, strong networks, greater self-responsibility and self-organisation, absolute market and customer proximity, learning through feedback, team orientation and diversity at all levels. It is therefore not surprising that most people who have experienced this form of work will not want to work in any other way again.

Organisations no longer have the choice either. The challenges are being posed by globalisation and digitalisation. And these are no longer mere catchwords, but rather the drivers of the revolution that is taking place in the world of work. The ability to be adaptive in an ever-changing, highly complex and uncertain world therefore forms part of the crucial organisational and cultural competence.

In this way, what is useful and smart combines with what is necessary and unavoidable.

But like all miracle cures, agile methods must be customised to the organisation and embedded in its culture, or developed from within it. This is precisely wherein the strength of MAICONSULTING lies: We shape the needs-based transition and transformation together with organisations. We advise and accompany them in recognising agile values and instruments, adapting them to their own goals and making them accessible to the people in their organisation.


Shaping agile transformation
We accompany organisations in the analysis, planning and implementation of agile transformation. By adopting a holistic approach, we aim to adapt the organisation’s strategy, structure and culture in a functional way. MAICONSULTING has special expertise in cultural and structural transformation processes. We make this experience available to organisations.

Agile transformation, no matter how small and limited in the planning, typically has its own dynamism, creativity and strengths. The mentoring process should therefore also be auto-agile, deviate from traditional change management and represent an ideal and a model for new methods in its approach.

Leadership in agile contexts
Traditional leadership models quickly attain their limit in agile working environments. Leadership itself is being redefined. Self-management is more important than hierarchical management. The ability to harness the intelligence of others is even more important than your own intelligence. Managers have a lot to learn. In particular to let go. Leadership in agile contexts is not a special discipline for the generation Y; it also places demands on experienced executives to become agile experts themselves. Good leadership is more than ever the product of complex relationships. MAICONSULTING accompanies people in positions of responsibility to rediscover leadership.

Agility learning journeys
Learning agility means experiencing agility. MAICONSULTING provides expertise in the development of specific learning journey designs. Teams, management and expert groups travel for two days to places of experience, confrontation, experimenting and reflection. They listen and observe, discover new horizons, and their curiosity and courage is aroused. On the journey they learn from the best, from other spheres and themselves. What makes an eager young employee of an innovative start-up tick? How did this venerable and previously somewhat dusty other company suddenly become agile? How does leadership and working together change in agile contexts? What values are important and how does agile transformation succeed in a non-agile environment?

Design thinking
Design thinking as an attitude, for problem resolution and organisational development.
“Innovation is not to event but a process.” We translate this understanding of design thinking into our approach in cooperation models. The six-level concept, originally used for the development of innovative products or product ideas, is also applicable to the further development of work structures, processes and services. MAICONSULTING supports teams to achieve sustainable change through the design thinking approach to cooperation, customer orientation and development results.

Scrum is the most prominent and currently the most successful iterative framework. The implementation of scrum logic is still the safest and fastest way of introducing the agile mindset to an organisation. As scrum frequently has to assert itself in non-agile contexts, correspondence and misunderstandings between different worlds represent a highly relevant learning field for organisations. MAICONSULTING qualifies teams and individuals as scrum experts. We provide accompaniment and support in experimenting and reflecting on a work approach, which can signify a quantum leap for all participants in terms of identification and personal satisfaction.
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