Passsagement: Combining strategy, structure and culture

Contradictions and unproductive tensions between strategy, structure and culture deprive companies of their energy and hinder dynamic responses.
Successful organisations manage to combine the objectives of their strategy with the logic of their structure and the self-conception of their culture. This permanent internal fit is implemented through interaction with the volatile demands from outside. It implies constant management of transitions at all levels of the organisation. This work, involving agile adaptation and design, is what we call PASSAGEMENT.


Management requirements have changed fundamentally. Proven control logic and solution approaches are reaching their limits, or are even becoming counter-productive. Organizations are coming under enormous pressure and often take too long to respond. Meanwhile the real life produces facts, the reaction and decision times are becoming dramatically shorter.


It often seems as if the speed of the outward changes significantly exceeds the capacities of internal processing. The questions that consequently arise are specific: What must people and organisations learn when the world is becoming increasingly complex, dynamic, faster and more (in)transparent? What is the impact on collaboration when change processes have no beginning or end anymore? And how does one react in conflictual situations which are seemingly impossible to resolve?


With its PASSAGEMENT approach, MAICONSULTING places these questions in the centre of its work. With our responses, we seek to pave new roads – and we are convinced that we can transform the objective pressure to adapt into a subjective enthusiasm to create. We are wary of simple solutions, and bank on self-management as the basis for all transformation. Personality development, long-term cultural development and ambitious management concepts take on a whole new meaning.
The question of how to turn a system’s wisdom into effective action has become pivotal. A culture that is ambitious, dedicated, open to learning and versatile is the abstract target image – and at the same time it is the prerequisite for the future viability of an organisation.


Our daily work involves working with real people in specific structures. For this reason, we do not offer any ready-made formulas or scalable consulting products. Instead, we offer our experience gleaned from countless change and organisational development projects and hence the conviction that dynamism, motion and development are possible - even under the toughest conditions.


PASSAGEMENT means: The best is yet to come!

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