Learning Journeys

Learning journeys are workshops on wheels. Each is unique, with suitably selected topics and people. Learning journeys brings a group together, while at the same time moving it away from its all too familiar office and workshop environment. Teams embark on a journey together – travelling broadens the mind, makes people curious and provides opportunities for discovery. Learning journeys are based on a distinct topic area and also serve as a search space. The travellers encounter familiar and unfamiliar worlds, and are confronted with new ideas and perspectives. They acquire inspiring insights and travel with their minds. Encounters with particular people, places and ideas interplay with self-experimenting, reflecting and individual processing.


A special type of learning journey is the leadership journey.
A management team on tour. Learning and facing selected leadership topics at the emotional level is linked to the experience as a group. The resilience and reliability as a leadership team also depends on the degree of perceptible solidarity that exists. Leadership journeys build thereon and lay a viable emotional foundation for the management team as a necessary leadership coalition.

Leadership journeys combine various kinds of learning and working modes. A trip in a conference bus serves as the linking element. In the course of the journey the participants will become players, actors, spectators and assistants. They experience confrontation, amusement, irritation and fun, leisure and work. The bus doubles up as a space for reflection and discussion. This is where the experiences made are evaluated against the backdrop of the managers’ own leadership requirements.

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