Bernhard Heuvelmann

Born in Emmerich am Rhein in 1967


Education and professional experience

  • Trained as a process consultant and coach
  • Studied at the Institute of Translation and Interpreting at the University of Heidelberg (graduated as an interpreter for English and Spanish)
  • Nursing training at city clinics in Duisburg
  • Freelance process consultant and coach since 2002
  • Freelance conference interpreter for English in economics, politics, social affairs and television
  • Freelancer at C&B Publishing plc (London)


Current key activities

  • Change processes in international organisations
  • Development and implementation of visions and strategies in companies
  • Training of in-house supervisors and process consultants
  • Workshops on communication and creativity
  • Design and implementation of interactive training tools for international use
  • Team development, conflicts and improving communication
  • Language coaching and intercultural training based on self-developed people-centric approach
  • Design and facilitation of and support for large group events
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