Ulrich Sambeth

Born in Frankfurt am Main in 1970

Managing partner at MAICONSULTING


Education and professional experience

  • Training as an industrial management assistant, studies in educational psychology, German philology, Romance languages, graduation: II. State examination
  • Training in facilitation and project management, process consultancy and coaching
  • Project manager in education management, authoring in the field of education since 2001
  • Trainer, coach and consultant for personnel & management development and organisational development.

Current key activities

  • Management development
  • Establishing learning cultures
  • Communication skills and personality development
  • Strategies for non-profit organisations (NGOs)
  • Team supervision and coaching
  • Person-centred individual coaching
  • Consulting, conception and implementation of development designs
  • Development of organisational cultures


  • (2018) Reineck/ Sambeth/ Winklhofer: Handbuch F├╝hrungskompetenzen trainieren (3. Aufl.). Weinheim: Beltz.
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