Lukas Egger

Born in Salzburg, Austria in 1983


Education and professional experience

  • Studied industrial engineering and philosophy in Berlin and Tenerife (Spain)
  • Lecturer in rhetoric and marketing
  • Worked as a researcher in computer graphics at Weta Digital, New Zealand
  • Co-founder and managing director of DISDAR GmbH (services related to machine learning)
  • Consultant for machine learning and big data solutions since 2014


Current key activities

  • Consulting in digital transformation
  • Support in smart leadership
  • Design and planning of machine learning and big data projects
  • Philosophical consulting
  • Training: Communication, presentation, rhetoric and argumentation



  • (2015) Adam Fletcher & Lukas N.P. Egger: Klo-Philosoph. 2015, Ullstein.
  • Contributions in journals on philosophy and foreign policy.
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